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5 Great Tips for Selling an Old House

Tips for Selling an Old House

If you’re selling an older house, you’ll definitely want to reassure potential buyers about the home’s condition. Assuming all the major house systems (i.e. hvac system, roof) are in optimum or reasonably good condition, you may still feel the need to make your home more marketable. Use the following tips to get your old home ready to sell.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If your house sets within an overgrown landscape, make a point to tame it. A buyer’s first impression begins the moment they pull up to your house. If the house is hidden behind unkempt trees and shrubs, the buyer is likely going to have a negative first impression. You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping, but set a budget in case you need to hire professional tree trimmers to prune dead limbs or remove rotting trees. Once your landscape is trimmed and manicured, consider adding some inviting plants to your porch or front steps.

Highlight Unique Features

Consider the era your home was constructed or the home’s architectural style. Be sure you’re highlighting what people love about that style. Be sure signature features like wrap-around porches or bay windows are well maintained and showing their best face forward. A home’s signature features will attract buyers. You can highlight many of these features with a fresh coat of paint or updated fixtures. List out your home‘s top-selling features so you’ll remember to highlight them for potential buyers.

Highlight Your Neighborhood’s Positive Features

What’s great about your neighborhood? Be sure to tell potential buyers about the great library in your community or its pleasant parks. Are their farmer’s markets or local festivals? Many house hunters are also concerned about the community they’ll be buying into. They want to know that schools are good or that crime is low. Be sure to voice your neighborhood’s positive attributes because they’re sure to complement your marketing plan.

Clean It from Top to Bottom

A clean house that’s free from odor can go a long way to marketing its best features. An unclean home can signal to potential buyers that you may have neglected the home’s maintenance needs. Thoroughly clean your house and remove any clutter that could be detracting from the home’s airy environment. Be sure to tackle any strong odors like pet or tobacco odors too.

Sell Your Old House for Cash

If the idea of listing your home on the real estate market and enduring months of showings sounds like a headache to you. Consider selling your old house for cash to This company takes the frustration out of marketing your home. You relate your home’s condition to them. They make a visit, and then they make a cash offer. If you want to sell your home quickly and avoid the typical real estate hassles, consider selling it for cash.

And remember: keep these tips in mind as you contemplate selling your home!

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