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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know To Be Successful With Your Leads?

There are a few practices we've found succesful investors consistenly apply to close more deals. 1. Contact the seller right away after receiving each lead. 2. Treat the investor with dignity and respect. 3. Use a follow up system to build a pipeline of deals and check on your leads every few weeks.

How Many Leads Can I Expect to Close?

On average our clients report being able to close 1 in 5 leads. In reality, your success depends on your resources, negotiation skills, and follow-up practices. Some of our clients are able to close the majority of the leads we send their way while other struggle to close a few. If you treat the seller with respect and continue to follow up on the lead, you will close many more deals than if you run out of patience and neglect to nurture your leads.

How Much Are Your Motivated Seller Leads?

The price for leads vary per state and county. After joining us you will be able to set your monthly budget and bid individually for the counties you are interested in. Our system will let you know if you are the high bidder, are tied with another investor or have low bids. Leads go to the highest bidder until the budget runs out, then it goes to the next highest bidder and so on.

How do you know your leads are motivated?

We use a variety of marketing methods to find motivated sellers. First, using the search engines we are able to offer solutions to homewoners in need of selling their homes fast. Secondly, using social media and display advertising we can target our services to people going through common life events — such as relocation and probate — and who are likely to require our services. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use home evaluation (or how much is your house worth) techniques to generate our leads.


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