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Is It Harder to Sell Your House During The Quarantine?

sell your house during quarantine

There is a multitude of reasons why you may want to sell your home quickly. Maybe you divorced and are anxious to split the proceeds and move on with your life. Maybe you are close to foreclosure and simply want to get from under your house. Or possibly you need to relocate for your job. Regardless of the reason, many homeowners are nervous about selling under quarantine. Are you worried about how to sell your house during quarantine?

You can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. According to the results of the National Association of Realtors Economic Pulse Flash Survey, 48% of real estate agents have noticed a drop in buyer interest compared to the same time last year. Despite this fact, homes are continuing to sell even during the quarantine.

The best way to sell your house during quarantine is by being flexible and adaptable. Selling a home now that Covid-19 has arrived does not look the same. Sellers need to be flexible and open to adjustments in the selling process. Here are a few tips that can help make selling during quarantine a bit less intimidating.

Offer Online Viewings

A lot of people are not comfortable walking into a stranger’s house right now. As a seller, you may also not be comfortable with sharing your home with strangers. Covid-19 has made a lot of people essentially become hermits, and uninvited house guests are low on the list. The good news is you can show your house without exposing yourself. Online viewings are becoming more popular among sellers and buyers.

Virtual online viewers can take place over Zoom as sellers walk prospective buyers through their home. Online tours that can be posted on a website are also an excellent way to show a home. Live videos allow buyers to ask questions and the seller can then respond by zooming in. Of course, for this to work a home still has to be staged and kept clean.

Intense Staging

In fact, staging is now more important than before. When buyers could see a home for themselves they could experience its size and appearance for themselves. Now you have to rely on brilliant staging to sell your home. It is very important that your furniture gives the illusion of space. It is equally important that all clutter is removed. Those accent pieces are now focal points of videos. It may be even more worthwhile to hire a professional staging company now.

Move Out if Possible

Ideally, if you want to sell your house during quarantine you should move out so that potential sellers feel more comfortable touring. You also will be more comfortable since you won’t have to live in a space that is constantly walked through. However, depending on your circumstances you may not be able to move until you sell.

Choose the Right Price Tag

In this, if you want to sell your house during quarantine quickly you need to set the right price tag. The decline in the housing market means there aren’t too many bidding wars. If you set your home too high buyers will browse right by it. Effectively, they will swipe left on your home. However, if the price tag is reasonably aligned with market conditions, they will pause and look closer.

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Sell to an Anytime Cash Buyer

If all of this sounds stressful to you, then you may want to consider finding an anytime cash buyer instead. Cash homebuyers don’t require any showings, and they buy your home “as is.” This means if you need to sell right now, you can

Reduce the hassle associated with selling your house during quarantine and give WeBuyHouse a call. One quick call is usually all it takes to find out how much you can sell your house for. Don’t waste your time or endanger your family during these uncertain times. Give us a call right now to find out how easy it is to sell your house during the quarantine.


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