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Why Your House Is Not Selling

Frustrated home seller

Selling your house can be tricky. You may think you’ve done everything in your power, but still your are not getting any offers. Where did you go wrong?

Most homeowners make common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Ideally, you should plan adequately before you embark on selling your house; do extensive research and note what other real estate agents are doing. Borrow a leaf from them and watch your home get many clients.

Here are some reasons as to why your house is not selling.

Poor Marketing Pictures

Buyers appreciate high-quality pictures that give a general impression of the state of your house. However, many homeowners make the mistake of taking pictures themselves using their mobile devices. As a result, they don’t get the image to show the right features of their property.

Most sellers often underestimate the power of hiring a qualified photographer. Most of these photographers know the crucial angles of taking pictures. They are also trained on photo editing to make your house picture more conspicuous. Therefore, seek their expert services to get the best picture of your to-be-sold house.

Homeowners often fail in taking enough pictures to promote their home. To convince a buyer, take many pictures at different angles. They need to see what they are buying. In this digital era, buyers want to check out pictures before they decide on even visiting the property. So, ensure that you take many pictures to woo the buyer.

Certain specific rooms need to be included in a house sale advert. Buyers want to know the size of your kitchen, bedroom, guestroom, dining room, and other crucial details. Take pictures of impressive rooms within the house. Ensure that you get enough lighting while taking the photos. Your photographer may even want you to hire studio lighting equipment.

While taking excellent pictures is crucial, don’t over-edit them to create a whole different impression. You’ll entice the buyer, but when they come to your house, they will be disappointed. Thus, ensure that your pictures give an accurate impression of your home. You may want to avoid taking photos at wide angles as they’ll make the room look bigger than it is.

The problem with many homeowners is that they usually take pictures without consulting their agents. This is a big mistake that you must avoid. Work with your sales agent in selecting the final pictures.

Setting Unreasonable Prices

As much as you want to make a profit, you don’t want to list your house at an unreasonably high price. Setting the price of your house is both an art and a science that requires the services of an expert. You should always hire a certified sales agent with a proven track record and local expertise. So many factors are considered before setting your house price.

Before making the purchase, buyers often research the price of similar houses within the same region. So, if you set your prices way too high, they will notice and keep away from the property. What’s the reason for selling your home at high prices, yet people won’t buy it? Don’t be in a hurry to make quick money because you’ll be disappointed.

When a house stays on the market for a very long time, buyers might start to suspect there is something wrong with the property and avoid sending offers.

Most homeowners usually want to fetch more money from their house. But you can’t do this at the expense of the customer. Maybe, you spent some money to renovate your house, but you shouldn’t add that directly on the overall price of the house.

The only way of ensuring that your house isn’t overpriced is by benchmarking with other homeowners within your neighborhood. Let them tell you their prices and harmonize your property to match the standard price. So, if you’ve set unreasonably high prices, just cut it by 5% to attract new buyers. A slight price change often attracts initial buyers who had previously checked the house. They’ll be more than willing to buy the house because they take that as a moment of appreciation.

At times, you need to negotiate the prices with the buyers. Set your price slightly above the standard sales price. Then negotiate until you reach your target price without going below the recommended price. It pays to hire an agent with excellent negotiation skills.

Hiring an Unprofessional Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, there are so many people who posse as professional real estate agents. Some are not even certified and have cheated their way through. It is very crucial to only work with a professional real estate agent who has worked in the industry for quite a while. Otherwise, you’ll risk being unable to sell your house due to unprofessionalism.

An excellent real estate agent should be friendly yet aggressive in defending your best interest. He/she should already be familiar with the standard price setting. Moreover, he should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and oral. You can’t convince customers by pictures alone. He should be smart and able to memorize everything there is to learn about the property.

Besides, homeowners often lose many clients because their agents didn’t convince their buyers. Real estate agents should have excellent negotiation skills to woo buyers into purchasing the property. Let them enlighten your buyers in advance before making the final visit to your house. Poor description equals poor sales. So, avoid hiring unprofessional real estate agents if you want your home to sell.

Poor House Staging

Staging matters a lot. Buyers want to know how they’ll arrange their furniture and other utensils should they purchase the house. Research shows that staged houses sell 87% faster than empty homes.

Proper staging can make a huge difference when selling your home.

So, how should you stage your house? Well, that depends on the type of furniture that you have. However, you can seek for expert services from house designers before taking the marketing pictures. Let them guide you on what fits best in particular locations. Also, ask them for advice on efficient furniture placement.

For vacant rooms, buyers can’t visually picture how they’ll arrange their house. Besides, they can’t determine the potential of the house. So, ensure that your home is appropriately arranged to woo buyers into buying the house.

Poor Curb Appeal

How do you stage the outside part of your home? Where do the kids play? What’s your favorite chill spot? What’s the size of your backyard? What’s the size of your compound?

Buyers want to know the appeal of your house compound. Most buyers love houses that also have a well-defined arrangement for outdoor activities.

Thus, ensure that you have an excellent curb appeal. Define where your buyers can put their outdoor equipment. Besides, ensure that space is large enough to accommodate multiple items at ago.

Your House Looks Too Personal

Many homeowners often remodel their houses over time. However, the remodeling can be so personal that makes the house to look different from other houses. Besides, it makes it difficult for the buyers to remodel the house in the future. Most buyers always go for a house that gives them the room to change a few things to make it more appealing. Therefore, don’t remodel your house too much.

There is nothing as wonderful as putting your house on sale and getting buyers after a short duration. Don’t make these common mistakes when selling your house. You should team up with a professional real estate agent for a successful sales bid.


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