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How to Take Pictures That’ll Sell Your Home Fast

pictures sell house fast

According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), 90% of house buyers searched online during their buying process. In a very real sense, if you’re not marketing your property to them, who are you trying to sell to? To attract online home buyers and effectively showcase your house, you’ll want to rely on best-quality images to do the selling for you. Research suggests that houses associated with great photography sell more than 30% faster and quality images help sellers achieve their asking price. Before listing your house, consider how to take pictures that’ll sell your home fast.

These techniques can help you can achieve your real estate goals:

The Right Equipment

If you don’t have some basic photography equipment, you might want to invest in a few items such as a decent camera and a tripod. The tripod allows you to take sharp photos, and sharp images will exude professional flair.

If you’re thinking about using your smartphone camera to take the shots, reconsider. A real point-and-shoot digital camera that includes five or more megapixels will help you capture high-quality shots. If you have a camera with multiple lenses, you’ll be able to provide potential buyers with even more sensational views of your house and property.

With the right equipment at your disposal, you can take pictures that’ll sell your home fast.

Hire a Pro

Speaking of professional photography, if you don’t have any photography know-how, consider paying a professional to take the digital shots for you.

Depending on the area where you’re selling your home, you may find a large selection of photographers who can perform this type of work for a wide range of costs. Even an amateur photographer who has experience taking real estate shots might suffice especially if you have no experience in this area yourself.


The more natural light you can work with in your photograph sessions, the better.

Don’t take property shots on a cloudy or dreary day. Sunlight will help brighten the photos, allowing plenty of light for buyers to get a good look at the view in question. Naturally, when shooting indoors, you also want plenty of light to capture each room’s best attributes. If viewers have to struggle to see what’s included in the photo, it’s not a successful shot. Aim for crisp, clear, well-lit photographs. Avoid any grainy images. That’s how you take pictures that’ll sell your home fast.

Take Lots of Photos

If you have a digital camera, by all mean, take a lot of photos. While you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers, you do want to include plenty of first-rate shots that include all major selling points of the home. Having a large selection to choose from means you have a better chance of securing those great photos. Plus, you won’t have to re-stage (and clean) in order to have yet another photo shoot. The goal should be to do the shoot once and get it right.

Show People What They Want to See

Telling buyers that your home has spacious closets is one thing, but showing them is a lot more effective!

Be sure that your photos are showcasing the home’s top-selling points as well as the features that house hunters look for. They want to see the kitchen, so include plenty of views from different angles. Consider what you look for when you look at a house to buy. Include those types of photos. Kitchen, bathrooms, living room, master bedroom, you probably want several views of these rooms.

Also, be sure to include a photo of every room. Show off the exterior property too, the home’s terrific curb appeal, its patio, and its backyard.

Stage to Sell

The hardest part of photographing a house to sell is preparing it for the shoot. This means lots of cleaning so that the house looks fresh in the photos. A good camera is going to pick up marks on the wall or rugs, for example.

Be sure to remove any unnecessary clutter from the room so that the floors are debris-free. Move out excess furnishings to make rooms appear airy, spacious, and inviting. Many items like kids’ toys, the cat’s litter box and the dog’s bed, or even a medley of magnets on the fridge is going to detract from your photos and distract would-be buyers.

With effective staging, you’ll be able to take pictures that’ll sell your home fast.

Be for Real

Remember, you want to put your house’s best face forward, but you want the photos to reflect its authentic self. In order words, don’t attempt to use any photo tricks to make your house out to be something it isn’t. Buyers want honesty and transparency. If they show up and your house isn’t remotely like the images you presented online, they’re certainly not going to be itching to buy. And, they’ll resent you for wasting their time.

Great photos can certainly help you sell your home more quickly, but they can’t always sell a house as fast as some buyers are hoping. If you need to sell your house fast, you might consider contacting WeBuyHouse. They pay cash for homes. If you want to sell your house fast or you’re just tired of waiting any longer for the right buyer to come along, call WeBuyHouse and transact a deal quickly.

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