Do You Need to Sell Your House?

Thank you for visiting WeBuyHouse.com! We are the leading national cash home buyers, helping homeowners just like YOU sell their home fast with top-dollar offers! When you need to sell your house quickly, without the complicated process of traditional home sales, we’re the best option for you.

We use sophisticated analysis to determine the price for your house, with transparent offers and fair prices. One fast phone call to a friendly sales representative gets you started – and we can be cutting you a check within days.

Why Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast?

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your house. Owning a home can be a burden, both with the upkeep and financially. While many people think that selling their house means listing with a real estate agent is the only way to sell their house, this isn’t the case. In fact, the We Buy House process can be a lifesaver for many families – families just like yours!

A fast house sale can help you out financially. Maybe this happened to you:

  • You’ve fallen behind in your mortgage and are in pre-foreclosure. While you may be able to sell your house on the open market, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a buyer and close before the bank forecloses on your house. With the We Buy House fast cash offer, you can sell the house quickly, settle your obligation to your lender, and avoid a damaging foreclosure on your credit record.
  • You’ve inherited a house that you don’t wish to live in, and you’d like the money from the sale of the house quickly. Or, there may be more than one heir to the house, and several people who are entitled to a portion of the sales proceeds.
  • You’ve been transferred for your job and need to relocate quickly. Sometimes, you may not be in a position to pay for your old home until it sells and pay for a new mortgage or lease at your new location. Choosing We Buy House can help you easily accept that job transfer without having to worry about selling your old house from a long distance away.
  • You’ve listed your house with a traditional realtor, but the house hasn’t had any offers. Maybe you feel like your real estate agent isn’t doing a good job, and you’re ready to be done with the selling process. When you accept the We Buy House offer, you can be closing as little as two weeks.
  • Your house is too damaged to sell on the open market, and you don’t have the money or the desire to repair it. Maybe you’ve had fire or flood damage and you don’t wish to live in the home anymore. We Buy House will buy any home, in any condition. This makes it easier for you to unburden yourself of an unwanted, damaged home.
  • You own a rental property but you’re tired of the obligations that go along with being a landlord. We can make you an offer that helps you relieve yourself of the commitment that income properties require.

Who is WeBuyHouse.com?

We Buy House is a company that specializes in making all-cash offers to homeowners just like you. Our company uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the best price for your house – as-is. We then make you an offer that you can accept or decline. We Buy House is different from the traditional home sales process. Instead of waiting for a potential buyer to secure financing through a bank or mortgage lender, We Buy House has our own cash reserves, so we can purchase your home outright.

We are a nationwide team of real estate investors with the knowledge of major markets and smaller ones across the U. S. We are not real estate agents, although we have extensive experience in the industry. Some of us hold real estate licenses, but we aren’t traditional realtors. Instead, think of us as your real estate problem solver.

We make serious cash offers only. We aren’t here to take advantage of you, but to help families that are stuck with a house that they don’t want. Our services aren’t just home buying. We can also help guide you to refinance your home, find tenants for your income property, settle any liens against your home’s title, or correct code violations.

When you’re out of time to sell your house, choose the fast, easy We Buy House process.

  • We Buy House is a real estate investment company purchasing houses “as is”
  • When you sell to us, we make the process fast and simple
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers – just like you
  • We buy homes in any and every condition!

How Does the Cash Sales Process Work?

Begin with a phone call or online chat with one of the friendly client representatives at We Buy House. We’ll gather details about your house and arrange for a walk-through to appraise the property. We’ll also conduct a title search to make sure that your title is clean and there are no outstanding liens against your house.

We analyze the housing market in your area and quickly determine a fair price for your location and the condition of the property. We then make you an offer, which you may accept or decline. Once you accept the cash offer, we’ll arrange to close on your timeline – we can go from assessment to handing you a check in just a few days.

Selling to Us Versus Listing With a Realtor

The difference between our buying process and selling through a real estate agent is the fact that we can immediately buy the house. As investors, we have our own financing for houses – there’s no need for you to wait for us to secure a home loan through a lender.

Real Estate Agent WE Buy House

Commissions / Fees6% to the agent – paid by the sellerNONE
Closing Costs2% – paid at closing by the sellerNONE – we pay any closing costs
Financing ContingencyYES – on average, 15% of sales fall throughNONE
Appraisal RequirementsYES – mortgage lenders require an appraisal to approve a mortgage applicationNONE – our offers are all cash
Average Days Til Sold100 days21 days
Number of House ShowingsMany – and any day of the weekJust one – to one of our trusted agents
Closing TimelineBetween 30 to 60 days after accepting the buyer’s offerASAP – we work with your timeline
Who Pays for Repairs?Usually, the seller, although this can be negotiatedNONE – we buy homes as-is

What Kind of Houses Do We Purchase?

We’ll buy any house, in any condition. This includes manufactured homes and mobile homes. We also buy single-family homes and duplexes – the entire house. We can buy apartment complexes and even condos – any house that you wish to sell, we will make a serious consideration. We can even buy vacant lots!

We are both investors and developers. We look at homes in any condition – anything that can be developed into a residence. Because we do the developing ourselves, there’s no need for you to fix anything in your house before we buy it.

Is We Buy House Right For You?

You may be wondering if our service is right for you. Selling your house is a serious decision, and we can work with you to answer any questions you might have. If you need to sell your house quickly, for any reason, we’re here for you.

The longer you take to make your sales decision, the more costs can add up. This can include interest on your delinquent home loan or the time that you’re spending paying for two residences. The faster you begin the We Buy House process, the sooner you’ll be out from under the obligations of your current home.

  • No fees or commission – We Buy House is not a realtor, so you won’t pay real estate commissions. There are no hidden fees, so every dollar from the sale is yours to keep.
  • We don’t list your house – we’re the buyer, not a real estate agent. No waiting for buyer financing – we pay straight cash
  • No need to fix anything – when we buy your home, there’s no need to do anything but pack your belongings. You won’t have to clean at move out, and there’s no need to keep your house clean and tidy for potential buyer showings
  • Simple paperwork – listing with a traditional real estate agent means lengthy paperwork for selling your house. At We Buy House, we simplify the process, so there is not much to fill out and sign.
  • No commitment – a real estate agent’s contract can be anywhere from 90 days to six months or longer. No matter how hard your real estate agent is or isn’t working for you, you’re locked in to the contract for at least three months. At We Buy House, we are the buyer, and there’s no contractual obligation for our services